Born from creative passion and spontaneity, the 2.8 Gallery is the fruitful collaboration between Alexandre Thevenet and Betty Rose Manzetti, two eclectic Parisians with a strong taste for art.

The 2.8 Gallery is a space of visibility and sale for emerging artists photographers, in an attractive and multicultural European capital, whose economy is flourishing. Mirroring beautiful Lisbon, the 2.8 Gallery aims to contribute to the cultural and social dynamism of the city; we imagine the gallery as both a place of gathering and contemporary culture.

The 2.8 Gallery’s aspiration is also and especially to propose affordable and qualitative art.

Refined altogether in their concept and aesthetics, the works of the artists we present remain within the scope of a large audience. We wish to see a an easy exchange between the artists and the public of the gallery, on the cultural side as well as on the market one. This way, we hope to democratize access to art for oneself and build a network of artists and collectors.